Servicing the best fabricators in the area. Our quick turnaround time and consistency of color makes our commercial department the best in the area! Our 9x9x26 oven allows us to Powder Coat railings, staircases, extrusions and so much more with ease and efficiency!


Powder Coating will give your older metal pieces a fresh start! From patio furniture to lamp posts, Powder Coating is an attractive, inexpensive way to make items that you've already purchased look brand new! With free pickup and delivery from Naples to Tampa - let us do the work for you!


Powder Coating will protect and beautify your automotive and marine parts! The fine finish and durability of powder coating will help get classic cars ready for show, hide imperfections from previous rust issues and is invaluable for protecting expensive marine parts from saltwater corrosion.

What is Powder Coating?

Powder Coating is an environmentally friendly dry powder that is electrically charged to bond with metal. The metal must be baked in an oven to allow the powder to melt and fuse with the metal. This type of painting is far more durable and resists wear, chipping, cracking and peeling much better than traditional painting processes.